Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Not-so-Wasteful Afternoon

     So, today we friends decided to meet in college for a 'study session' and that we might as well bring something to  eat while we 'study'. Thankfully it was not raining today as it has been pouring since the last two days but i still decided to carry my umbrella lest the rain gods/goddess starts crying again. I really feel that actually. Whenever they are angry on what we are doing they cry and that is the rain that we get in torrents which is unlike the usual ones. Since Mumbai has had a muddy, filthy, rainy three days it was very relieving to finally see some sun.
     So I made my way to the station and taking the trains i reached college. I met my friend and then we went to the classroom and she switched on her laptop and made me jealous and i did not have one and won't be having one at least for another year. We starting working (actually she started working) on the corel project that we had been given while i went to the library to get a new book since i did not find Jane Austen's Mansfield Park, interesting enough to read it more than 5 pages. I walked the whole length of the library and went to the fiction section to find some nice book to read.
     Again my mind started boggling looking at the numerous volumes of books that were there to search from. I took my time to search the shelves as I came across familiar ones like Animal Farm and Jude the Obscure. There were many that i had not read but i was not really in the mood for reading classics so I picked up some random books. Then as if by gravity (or maybe the fact that it was a shiny new book while the rest looked like they had been stuffed in an attic for years) my eyes wandered to a big book and my hands reached out to pick it from the horde of books.
     I read the title The Museum Of Innocence by Orhan Pamuck. Not a familiar name. I flipped the heavy book to read the back page and till I was at the end i was so engrossed that i thought that it's about time i started reading books that are not 'World Famous' because good books can be anywhere. I registered the book and took it to read at home.
     As one would very much suspect i went back to the class and did nothing of studying that we had planned. So in order that i don't feel stupid for travelling so long and doing nothing i thought i'd write a story and i asked my friend for her laptop, since she wasn't using it, and i typed out a few pages of my story. Then when she was done with her work we were taking pictures of each other from her cam and making all sorts of faces. Some of the pics didn't come nice and i decided that i'd let Photoshop do it's magic!
     After having our 'study' day we left for home but very happy that we had fun. I was actually more excited to read my new book! By the time i reached home i was having a headache because i realized my lenses had expired and i was still wearing them. I have to buy a new one this Sunday. My friend messaged me that he was really bored at the trip that my college department had gone for and i called him up to make him feel better because i was not there to chat with him.
     Then after all that i decided to read the book and i have to say 30 pages into the book i am still thirsting for more! I will be posting more on how the book goes and what i feel about it.
     For now this is me Vishaka signing off!


  1. Hey, Pamuck is a Nobel Prize winner from 2008. And, yes, he is a good writer.

  2. well yes i know he got a Nobel. But not for the book i am reading.

  3. And of course the Nobel is for lifetime achievement, and for idealistic writing.

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